Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recovering at home and making time to bead

Recovering at home from breast reconstruction revision surgery that I had on Tuesday. The surgery went well, I was in the O/R at 7:30am and was home by 12:30 pm. I am a little sore and have pain medication to take care of that. The worst part of it are the drains, they are very uncomfortable and bulky. Hopefully they will come out on Monday.
I am taking advantage of the downtime to make some more jewelry items for my Etsy shop. I managed to snag one of the jewelry showcase spots for April 19th. It's like waiting for the cat to catch the mouse in trying to get one of those spots.
My boss' daughter designed these Ked's, she draws images on them using sharpie pens. This pair has various images from the Beatles. Can you name all of the images?
I am going to ask her to design a couple of pairs with a breast cancer theme so I can donate them for auction to Susan G Komen. I think she does a fantastic job and she is such a great artist.
Here is another pair. She can do just about anything on these shoes.

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